Nandom Town

The Nandom Municipal Assembly Headed by Hon. Raymond Nero has fixed streetlight bulbs in Parts of Nandom township including Nandom Goziir Nagnyaa road located meters from St. Anne’s Vocational/Technical School.

The streetlights were fixed along Goziir Nangyaan Road on the 9th of June to improve visibility at night for students and residents within the area and to ensure maximum security.

These bulbs are part of the over 4, 000 streetlights distributed by the Upper West Regional Minister, Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih a month ago to various Municipal and District Coordinating Councils in order to improve visibility and security in the Various Districts and Municipalities in the Region.

Meanwhile,  Some Residents of Ketuo have also called for their roads to be fixed.


One thought on “Nandom: Street Lightening System Improved in Parts of Nandom Town”
  1. That’s good to hear, but take a look at Wa township, the regional capital especially the airport roundabout. Right at the point where the curve start to where you’re to end the curve, not even a single light is functioning there during the night. Everyone in Wa know how dangerous that place is to motorists and other road users when you’re on that curve. I just want to find out from people in authority who takes salaries for managing Wa township.

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