Charcoal Preparation.

The cost of charcoal has shot up by 100% in Wa and other districts in Upper West.

According to costumers the price is sudden and unfortunate as it has affected their budget for the month.

They added that gas was also very expensive and expected charcoal to cushion them through the month but their expectations weren’t adherent.

Explaining to Upperwestmedia Team, sellers suggested they encure so much loss during the preparation process and have no other option than to increase the prices.

Transportation has shot up, tree logging is expensive these days making it difficult to maintain prices.

The price of Charcoal has increased from Ghc 40 to Ghc80 in the past two weeks, meaning it will be difficult to buy charcoal for Ghc1 as it was before.

The cost has become a regional issue compelling people to use firewood instead. This was after the price of gas went up lately.

The environment protection agency has kicked against the patronage of Charcoal as they suggested the high demand has increased logging and tree cutting.

Meanwhile, A group called concerned About Ghana Association (CAGA) has advocated against senior high schools using logs, firewood as fuel for cooking, they explained that the single act is draining the forest and rendering the land bare which will later change the rain pattern and aggravate desertification and famine.

They concluded that Gas was the best option to address that senior high school challenge.


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