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A group of tricycle riders in Wa popularly called camboo Drivers have called for a reduction in the charges tricycle owners demand from them.

Explaining their reason to Upperwestmedia Team, they suggested the Number of Camboo available has reduced the demand as the number of people who board the tricycles have not increased.

They stated that the low intake of Wa UDS has been a major factor crippling the business adding that the usual Ghc50 will be difficult to come by except if the owner doesn’t want it to last.
Explaining further, they suggested the only way to make the Ghc50 minimum target is to carry bags of cement and other heavy load to far sites and areas in order to charge hefty amounts.

They concluded by saying it’s not an easy task they undertake yet the owners insult them an call them names after not meeting the proposed targets suggesting the user should take the tricycle about for a day to see reality for themselves.

Questioning the amount they think was fit and moderate they suggested Ghc35 will help them as it will reduce pressure on the tricycle and make it last for it to be able to yield more profit.

Tricycles popularly called Camboo has been an affordable means of transport introduced in 2015 to aid in urban movements.


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