A cross-section of Residents in the Nadowli/Kaleo district have expressed concerns regarding the dwindling fortunes of the the Nadowli/Kaleo district hospital which was once touted as the ‘Korle Bu’ hospital in the Upper West Region.

Some Assembly members and residents in the Nadowli/Kaleo district speaking to Info Radio disclosed that, the district hospital currently lacks essential supplies and medications due to poor management of the hospital top staff.

According to some residents, due to the poor state of the hospital, most residents in the district are currently resorting to traditional medicine to avoid the constant frustration they encounter at the hospital.

The Assembly member for the Dapuori electoral area Mr. Nakuang Luke Nagu speaking to Info Radio recounted how on several occasion he and several other residents visits the Nadowli/Kaleo district hospital with patients and were left to their faith due to the absence of essential medications and supplies to attend to the health needs of patients.

According to Mr. Nakuang Luke Nagu, the current crop of hospital administrators seems to be running the one touted efficient and effective district hospital down the drains, and therefore appealed to the district and regional health director of Ghana health services to investigate the cause of poor medical service provision at the hospital and the reasons for the constant shortage of essential medical supplies at the hospital.

Some residents also speaking to info Radio accused the hospital of not paying casual workers of the hospital for nine months, a situation they described as worrying.

Among other accusations leveled against the current management of the Nadowli/Kaleo hospital, residents are of the view that there is so much revenue leakages in the supply chain and procurement procurement system of the hospital.

Some residents also accused the hospital authorities of inflating the contact sum for the renovation of the male medical ward, reckless use of fuel coupon by hospital administrators and Conflict of interest in the procurement of drugs and other consumables for the hospital.

When contacted for their side of the story, the Nadowli/Kaleo district hospital management disclosed that, they will respond to the accusations and concerns raised by residents in due course.

Reliable information however received from the Nadowli/Kaleo district hospital shows that, the hospital recently received some medical supplies and consumables to attend to the medical needs of patients in the district.

Source: Info Radio

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