Tricycle of Zambarima Man Killed by Lightning

A section of Zambarima people Within Wa-Kpaguri have advocated against talks in town suggesting their late brother by name Mustapha traded in stolen iron cooking pots.

Mustapha and three others from Serekpere were struck dead by lightning at serekpere on the 13th of July 2022 after a short rainfall.

Lightning Kills 4 at Serekpere

According to the relatives of deceased Mustapha, he produces cooking pots and buys basins in exchange for old and depleted metals in Communities, they added that their brother carried the cooking pots with basins from Wa to Serekpere, he didn’t buy stolen ones, they added that the deceased three from Serekpere rather brought metals in exchange of the pots their brother Mustapha owns.

Mustapha used a Tricycle with Registration Number M-21-4256-21 to Serekpere to trade in metals but lost his life in the Process.

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