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Emergency Health Services is almost collapsed in the Sisaala East Municipal as the only ambulance allocated to the Municipality some two years ago and after working for just a month is grounded due to what they say an engine fault.

This has left the Service in the Munciaplity on their knees as no intervention seems to be coming on their way.
There is a growing concern among well-meaning resident of the Sisaala East Municipality and its environs over the hassle of using tricycles, pick-up trucks, mini urvan buses and others to transport patients on emergency situations and also for referral cases to Nandom, Wa ,Bolgatanga and as far as Tamale since that is biggest referral centre in the Three Northern Regions of Ghana.
It will be recalled that, government promised some 275 new ambulances for use across the country through its One constituency- One million dollar agenda, but that is yet to materialize. This situation has resulted in a nationwide cry to government to treat it with urgency as there is a corresponding up- surge in needless death which could have been prevented had we had a robust and functional ambulance on roads.

Some people who spoke to this news portal includes an intern with a community radio station in Tumu called Radford Fm. Mr. Bayi Yahaya Kpetine expressed his utmost disappointment over duty bearers on their silence to resuscitate the emergency Health Services in the municipality.
Another resident in the person of Mr. Ibrahim Doctah Fatawu who spoke to this portal also bemoaned the situation of the only ambulance being grounded and its adverse effects such as needless deaths which could have been avoided had there been a swift transportation of patients for care.

When this portal spoke to the in-charge of the Sisaala East Municlipal National Ambulance Service in the person of Mr.Moses Setegak, He lamented the situation of people losing their loved ones who could have been saved by his outfit had they got a functional ambulance especially those at the deprived and farthest communities such as Komo, Kalaxi, Gbanewisi, Santijan and so forth. When a question was posed on how much could put to use the grounded ambulance he said GHc5500 could just solve the problem.

There was a follow-up question of whether his outfit had officially comunicated to the Municipal Assemble for support, of which he answered in the affirmative and even went further to disclose that, it was communicated a year ago. So, many people would be wondering why the Municipal Assemble could not foot such a bill and has since not showed any sign of looking at how crucial it is for health care delivery to the people.
The in-charge was optimistic that, with a support of the stated amount, the ambulance will be on its feet again and hence many lives will be saved timely. When this portal brought to bear the sentiment of residents on the issue of his outfit charging exorbitant fees for their services, Mr .Moses begged to differ by disclosing on the woeful budgetary allocation of just GHc200 for fuel by government and this is for emergency cases. This he says could take up to five months before getting another allocation.

Apart from the stated amount needed to fix the broken ambulance according to the Municipal Ambulance Service, Mr.Moses is again appealing for furniture, one bed and a fridge for office use as this will aid their sound and smooth discharge of duty when the ambulance is fixed.

By: Ayamga Bawa Fatawu

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