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Some Concerned Youth Group of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) Within the Sissala East Constituency have expressed dismay in a petition with regards to the abysmal performance of the party in their previous elections.




1. I send warm felicitations to the rank and file of the great NDC fraternity; specifically the revered elders, the constituency executives, all stakeholders of the party, former appointees & most importantly, the teeming, exuberant & vibrant youth of the great Akatamanso party.

2. If you recall, shortly after on the 2020 elections, an NDC Youth group in the Sisaala East on the 28th February tabled a petition to the Regional Executives & copied the National & Constituency Executives demanding for some investigations to be carried out because of some anomalies that contributed to the part-failure of the NDC’s inability to capture the Parliamentary seat from the ailing and dying NPP.

3. We are not here to cry over spilled milk. We are guided by the wise sayings of our aged old forebears who say that in times of crises, the wise build bridges while the fool build dams. Some of us have since tried to build bridges.

4. We will demonstrate to you with hard-core evidence how some of the constituency executives have conspired to engage in illegality as far as the party is concerned by making the party in the Sisaala East their own side-chick. like what errand boy, Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia has done with the Ghanaian economy. An economist who will chose an ID card over 1000 Interchanges. No wonder the Home Economics fraternity has denied him.

5. Indeed, it is the attitude and behaviour of some of our executives; pre and post elections that has given power to the NPP causing us untold hardships and suffering. The actions and inactions of these saboteurs occupying leadership positions which caused us to lose the seat is why our poor farmers cannot even buy fertilizer today.

6. This behaviour if not checked and nibbed in the bud will cost us the upcoming general elections come 2024.

7. But for the wickedness, share selfishness of some constituency executives, the NDC & Hon. Bataglia Mohamed would have delivered an NDC majority to Ghanaians to prevent this 40year wondering in the wilderness caused by this crass incompetent Nana Addo-Bawumia led failed government that we are saddled with today.

8. The above statements true in other to paint a picture of what the insensitivity of some of the constituency executives have caused all Ghanaians especially the good people of the Sisaala East who don’t deserve these hardships and suffering.

9. You are aware that the NDC’s internal elections will come off on the 27th July starting with the branch elections. Some concerned NDC Youth in light of some daming revelations which we shall share with you demand that the current CONSTITUENCY Chairman, Mr. Baku Rafik steps down and not meddle in the branch elections till further notice as he has been compromised.

We will be sending a petition to the Sisaala East Council of Elders, Constituency Executives, Regional Executives, Council of Elders-UWR, National Executives, General Secretary on this matter.

10. Mr. Baku Rafik was caught on tape scheming to secumvent the laid down processes of the party involving the upcoming branch elections and to employ his own personal procedures to achieve his mischievous agenda.

11. You all remember similar issues with regards to the 2020 elections were raised immediately after the 2020 elections. Some youth stated emphatically that Mr. Rafik was compromised but people took it differently. They imagined it was a personal vendetta. No! We are better than that.

12. We also made revelations the intentional dwindling of the party’s electoral fortunes. However, they were discredited, insulted and maligned. Clearly some of the Youth were patient, calculated and resolved to find the appropriate time to demonstrate with evidence the anomalies.

13. In fact, we by this notice tell Mr. Rafik to as off today excuse himself from the duties of a constituency Chairman. He must also seize from carrying himself as the constituency Chairman till further notice. I’m sure we all don’t want to know what will happen if he refuses this sound advice.

14. We make these pronouncements in accordance with the party’s Constitution.

15. We ask the Regional Chairman whom we have gathered is protecting Mr. Baku Rafik and has encouraged him to blatantly disrespect the party’s Constitution and laid down procedures for their own parochial interest to initiate with expediency the process of asking Mr. Baku Rafik to step aside as Chairman.

I. Going forward, the party should consider setting up a seperate committee whose job is to deal with elections related matters in the constituency especially the upcoming Branch, constituency & possibly Regional elections.

ii. We also request that the old membership register that has been taken to Accra be brought back. We are unable to reconcile the membership of the old register and that of the new register creating a conducive environment for unscrupulous persons to engage in illegalities.

16. Find attached the audio file for your reference and discussion.

Muthew Suleman
024 106 6818

Haruna Bakuoru
054 138 3655

Bukari Kuoru

Eshaw Mohamud
020 548 3410

Abdulai Quendar
054 097 0322

Cc. Constituency Chairman, Sisaala East
Council of elders, Sisaala East
Hon. Bataglia Mohamed, 2020 PC-NDC
Regional Chairman, UWR
Council of Elders, UWR
General Secretary, NDC
All media houses.


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