Jawia/Liplime Youth

The teaming youth of Jawia/Liplime electoral area mobilize communal labour to physically fix broken bridges and bad roads in the Sissala West District of the Upper West Region.

The assembly man for the area, Mr Imoro Salifu Gbemmie used the media, Gwollu FM To call on the youth for massive turn out and sought external support to locally fix the horrible road causing series accidents at the area.

Over one hundred and fifty youth together with the assembly man vehemently turnout, 30th August, 2023 for the communal work and closed very late at about 6pm Gwollu FM 91.7mhz gathered.

During the work, Mr Imoro Salifu Gbemmie revealed to the media morning show he got support from Mr John Dimah Gbene and Hor Razak respectively provided their tractors with fuel for the whole day to be used for their activities.

According to the assembly member’s earlier interview with Gwollu Fm Station, he revealed the district assembly has been contacted severally to no positive outcome and the people have to resort to communal labour as the only option to save lives of the innocent citizens.

The bridge between Liplime and Jawia communities in the Sissala West District locally fixed by the youth and assembly man for the area, stones, pebbles, logs, tree clearing and graveling are the activities carried out and was peaceful and successful said, Mr Imoro Salifu Gbemmie.

Source: Gwollu FM 91.7mhz

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