The Principal of Wa Campus of University for Development Studies has come out to respond to the Issue of Programs transferred to Tamale Campus.
According to Prof. Amin Alhassan, No programs were moved to Tamale.

UDS Principal, Prof. Amin Alhassan

Where are the students?
Prof. Amin: you can bear with me that there has been increase in the number of Universities by 6 I mean the 6 converted polytechnics admitting from our pool of students, this has affected our intake leading to the low number, its not just in Wa Campus, its in Legon, Knust, Nyankpala and other Universities. The only truth is the crime issue.
Are there no continues students?
They have Graduated.
With the medical schools, the number is still maintained because we used to admit only 5% of the applicants so logically the number won’t fall. I can tell you that some of the students we advertise to only know the tamale campus so when they get here and we send them to Wa campus some quit because it doesn’t appear nice.
So What happens to the huge IGF generated from Wa campus, where is the Money?
The money is put to good use we allocate them Accordingly, the only issue is that Wa campus spends unnecessarily, recently Ghc150,000 was allocated for invigilators and lecturers to forseeing exams in Wa. In Nyankpala such can’t happen, I questioned why and i was told its a normal routine. when I was in Nyankpala I used the little allocation to maintain the buildings and when you see the school you’ll be impressed.

Prof. Amin Alhassan is the Principal of UDS, Wa Campus.

One thought on “UDS Saga; Wa Campus Principal Speaks On Programs Transfer Issue.

  1. Am happy he said some student quit because the campus is not nice, and also the low intake of students is some times due to the criminal cases. So I ask him. What are they doing about it. What actions have they taken to put a stop to it and also to make the campus nice to attract students to come to uds wa campus

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