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The Upper West Regional Veterinary Officer Dr Sulemana Sako has cautioned livestock’s farmers in the region to be on high alert of Anthrax disease.


According to him, the outbreak of the Anthrax diseases in the Upper East Region poses a high risk to livestock’s in the Upper West Region since Upper West Region shares border with the Upper East Region.

As of Friday, June 2, 2023, 13 cows, 23 sheep and goats have died in the Upper East Region of of the Antrax disease

Speaking to Info Radio in Wa, Dr. Sako said veterinary service officers in the Upper West will embark on mass sensitization exercise on the anthrax disease to enable residents be aware of the disease. According to him, animals that have the disease die suddenly without any sign of sickness.

Dr. Sako noted that veterinary officers in the region are currently embarking on a mass vaccination exercise against Peste de petit disease which affect livestock’s and will use the opportunity to educate animal farmers about the anthrax disease.

The regional veterinary officer thus, urged the general public not to get into bodily contact with dead animals but report sudden death of animals to veterinary officers in their various districts for investigations

Source: Info Radio

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