Rafiq Salam with a Member of the Forces

A number of Residents have come up to wish Rafiq Salam, Joy News Correspondent for Upper West a speedy recovery after he had a dislocated leg.

The fracture has since left him on his bed as people troop to his house to express their remorse and sadness.

The cause of his fracture has not been disclosed as at the time the report was covered.

Rafiq Salam has been a household name for his diplomatic way of concluding his stories in Joy News with the statement “Rafiq Salam Waaaaaaa”

By: Upperwestmedia.net

2 thoughts on “Upper West Bid Rafiq Salam Speedy Recovery”
  1. Dislocation and fracture, are they the same?
    Please spare this embarrassment by editing your news items very well.

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