Upper West Strongest 2023

The Upper West Strongest Competition ended successfully and out of 8 Contestants, 3 were awarded with motorbike, Fridge and a Plasma Television. One Contestant by name Ras Dangin was absent.

The Apsonic 125 Aloba motorbike was donated by Muskilla Motors Company Limited.

Some Games the competitors Partook in included, Push Ups popularly known ‘press up’, Squatting, Wight lifting etc.

Winner of the Tittle by Name GORO from Nipayiri had 211 Points in total.

1st Runner Up T BAG Went home with Refrigerator with 190 Points.
2nd Runner Up KAMBIASO went home with Plasma TV with 189 Points.

Venue is Tendamba Yakuba Park
On the 29th of September 2023.

Full List of Contestants

Ras Dangin Absent, T Bag, Bob, Goro, Kambiaso, Too Bad, Roma and Zakiu.


T-Bag – 190 Points
Bob – 181 Points
Goro – 211 Points
Kambiaso – 189 Points
Too Bad – 150 Points
Roma – 104 Points
Zakiu – 67 Points

Source: Upper West Media App

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