Some Chiefs in Upper West Region

Several chiefs in Upper West Region had skills and were into various businesses and professions before they were Enskinned as chiefs in some traditional areas in the Upper West Region.

Being an expert of a professional Chief exposes the Royal personality to numerous negotiation Skills and legal strategies that are needed to aid in developing an area, for instance a Paramount Chief with background in Environment Science wouldn’t allow loggers to destroy trees in an area without compensation or replacement.

The following are some Paramount chiefs and the professions they belong to or the skills they have acquired. Most people from Upper West Region migrated from Nalerigu, Yendi, Kong, Burkina and Ivory Coast.

Firstly, Dafiama Naa Dikomwini Domalae II, President of Upper West Regional House of Chiefs was a Teacher before he was Enskinned Paramount Chief.

Secondly, Sankana Naa Pagraninge Mornah Saakoe II was a Teacher before he was Enskinned as Chief.

Thirdly, Wa Naa Fuseini Pelpuo IV was a Business Man and a Transport Officer before he was Enskinned as Chief

Fourthly, Takpo Naa, Naa Nanga Alexander was A Human Resource Manager Before he was Enskinned as a Chief.

Fifthly, Lawra Naa, Naa Puowelle Karbo was a Civil Engineer, Former director of town and country planning before he was Enskinned as Chief.

To add to that, Tumu Kuoro, Richard Babini Kanton was with the Ministry of Interior before he was Enskinned as Chief.

Furthermore, Chief of Jawia, Kuoro Alhaji Amidu Suleman was a Politician and a Teacher at the University for Development Studies now SDD-UBIDS before he was Enskinned.

Also, Nandom Naa, Prof Edmund Delle was a health Expert and a Politician before he was Enskinned as Chief, he was an Elder of the Convention People’s Party.

Ninthly, Lambussie Kuoro: Kuoro Issaka Zeng’eh Kazie Tenjie ll was an Agric Engineer before he was Enskinned as Paramount Chief.

To continue with, Naa Alhaji Imoro Nandomy-Gomah II was a Trader before he was Enskinned as Chief of Wechiau Traditional Area.

In addition to that, The Paramount Chief of Bulenga Traditional Area, Naa Seidu Abdulai Nawologime IV was Was with the Ministry of Roads and Highways before he was Enskinned as Chief.

Last but not the least, Naa Yelekuang Bawiele, the Paramount Chief of Issa Traditional Area was into Agribusiness Before he was Enskinned as Chief.

Lastly, Naa Peter Tenganabang Nanfuri is the Paramount Chief of the Jirapa Traditional Area with the title Naa Ansoleh Ganaa II. He is a former Inspector General of Police (IGP) in Ghana.

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