Kantanka Vehicles in Wa

Several people have hailed Kantanka for his emmerce efforts in creating jobs and putting Africa on the map through Automobile engineering. His cars are part of the best choices in the world currently and some popular Kantanka cars he has manufactured include Kantanka Omama, Onantefo, K17, Mensah, Omama Luxury, amoanimaa etc.

Kantanka Vehicle in an Escort, Wa-2017

These are some institutions in Upper West Region Using Kantanka Vehicles.

Forestry Commission: The Forestry Commission has won the Admiration and Respect of People In Upper West Region over the decision to purchase and use Kantanka Vehicles as their Official Vehicle for their daily Routine.

The Pickup which is ‘Omama Luxury’ is still Very strong and efficient despite being used since 2019, over three years ago.

GRIDCO: A very relevant technical Institution in the Northern Belt of Ghana has opted for Kantanka Omama as their favorite Amongst others as a measure to ensure national development and economic stability through job creation, several people have expressed admiration for GRIDCO over their decision to build Ghana through patronage of Made in Ghana Vehicles.

New Patriotic Party: A Political institution in Ghana has purchased  Kantanka Omama Luxury Vehicles for all Regions in the Country including the Upper West Region. The Pickup vehicle has served the party for over 4 years and still counting.

National Identification Authority (NIA)

The NIA few Months ago purchased Kantanka Omama Vehicles for Regional Offices and the National Office of National Identification Authority, the Upper West Region has also gotten it’s share and this means we will more Kantanka Vehicles on our Streets.

Lastly, Some Private Business owners have resorted to Kantanka Vehicles by purchasing the Kantanka Amoanimaa brand for errands.

Kantanka is a fast growing company with a Warehouse is Dubai, The former President of Liberia, Madam Elen Johnson Shirleaf Purchased a Kantanka Mensah Vehicle worth Ghc140,000 in 2019  for it’s Durability.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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