Alhassan Randy (left), Abdul Saani Nasir (Right)

The NDC’s Upper West Regional Elections were held on the 12th of November 2022 at Wa Technical Institute, as at 5pm, Results were Declared.

Abdul Nasir Saani was declared the Chairman alongside 9 of his Team members. Two of his team members Including Polikuu Titus and Yahaya Sharifdeen who both aspired for Youth Organizer and Deputy Communications Officer respectively, lost the Elections.

Bunas Polled 227 against 157 by Alhaji Randy.

Abdul Nasir Saani won as a result of these Reasons:

1. Regaining Some Seats for the Party. The National Democratic Congress lost 4 Seats in 2016 when Mr. Mathew Sung-Aabo (Matco) as the Regional Chairman, he was voted out and replaced with Abdul Nasir Saani in 2018. Mr. Saani won 3 seats back for the Party, the seats Include Wa East and Sissala West and Lawra, one seat was however lost to NPP in his tenure which is the seat of Lambussie but his wins outweighed his loss.

2. Social Responsibility: Mr. Saani Was active at Social gatherings such as funerals and other social Occasions such as Naming ceremonies. Such occasions make people more Popular and Influencial, lots of people will be gladdened if you attend important occasions of theirs such as the above mentioned. Bunas could be seen at several social grounds.

3. Resources: Bunas has the Resources to Manage the party till 2022. As a contractor, he has saved and invested, he also has enough to run the affairs of the party till it gets back to power, a Chairman should have resources else the party will be bedeviled.

4. Accessibility: Several Party members believe Bunas will be within the region to run the affairs of the party. Religious Differences didn’t work against him also because 11 Constituencies Including Appointees voted, all delegates in these Constituencies are affiliated to different religious backgrounds.

5. Kevin Taylor’s Endorsement and a Circulating Research: Kevin Taylor Endorsed Abdul Nasir Saani few days before the Elections, he also mentioned the speaker of Parliament in his speech suggesting he was engineering Bunas’s Downfall, this went a long way to Influence the outcome of the Elections. A Research was also released by some Concerned group of NDC Members suggesting the possible winners. It has been 60% Accurate.


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