Some Popular TV Series in Wa

16 Years has been exciting and trilling to so many lovers of TV Series in the Upper West Regional Capital, Wa.

There has been several seasonal television series that have touched the hearts of many and have influenced several people in one way or the other in the Regional Capital.

The following are list of TV Series that got people so glued to their TV Sets. Rubi was shown in 2006 and Ana in 2008.

1. Secreto De Amor/Secret of Love: this TV series which featured Maria Clara, Barbara and many others kept several people in love with foreign telenovelas.
Once it’s time for Secreto De Amor you’re sure to see people putting a stop to lots of things to have a feel of the series.

2. Second Chance: Second Chance was a a television series shown on TV3 every week, the movie trilled several people to the extend that some could go and buy cdsof such telenovelas even when they had no understanding of Spanish.

3. Ana: Ana was being shown on TV for some time, though several people enjoyed Ana, it could not be compared to Secreto De Amor.

4. Priya: The songs alone could draw the attention of people to the TV Series, several people loved Priya to the extend that it generated misunderstanding in some homes as to who should control the TV remote. Mr. Kapun was the Popular me in the series.

5. Kumkum Bagya: Kumkum Bagya was the favorite of several people in Wa, due to the translation to Two, it attracted several viewers, Pragyia was the popular name in the series.

6. Jodan Akbar: Jodan Akbar was also one of the popular TV Shows in Wa Municipality, it attracted several TV Lovers to stay glued to their TV Sets.


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