Police Deployed to Wa

The United Nations (UN) benchmark is one police officer to 500 people.

Several Districts in the Upper West Region have complained about few number of police officers in the Region and their inability to operate at full force because they are less equiped.

Some districts with such deficits include the Wa West district where Late Former Wa West DCE, Edward Sabo Laabiir was attacked in line of duty.
Also In the Wa West District, Former Regional Communication Officer of the New Patriotic Party, Mr. Bukari Ali was also attacked in line of Duty. Some Residents of Wechiau Bao in the Wa West District.
The Wa Municipality lacks the required number of Officers to keep crime at the lowest level.

A New Regional Police Headquarters Awarded for construction close to a decade ago at Wa-Sombo has since not been completed, the Regional Capital’s District Headquarters is being used as both District and Regional Administration.

Wa Municipality With a population of 200,672 needs not less than 400 Police Officers.

Based on the 2021 Population and housing census, Upper West Region has a Population of 901,502. This means the region needs not less than 1,000 police officers.

District Breakdown of number of police officers needed.

Wa West – Population – 96,957 – Officers Needed – 194
Wa Municipality – Population – 200,672  Officers Needed – 400
Wa East – Population – 91,457 Officers Needed – 183
Nandom – Population – 51,228 Officers Needed – 102
Nadowli-Kaleo – Population – 77,057 Officers Needed – 154
Jirapa – Population – 91, 279 – Officers Needed – 183
Lawp0ra – Population – 58,434 – Officers Needed – 117
Sissala East – Population – 80,619 popOfficers Needed – 161
Sissala West – Population – 63,828 – Officers Needed – 127
Lambussie – Population – 51,118 – Officers Needed – 102
Dafiama-Busie-Issa – Population- 38,754 – Officers Needed – 77

Currently, several cases of Abduction and Killings have been recorded in Wa and Wa East District, making a total of 13 Cases in 2022.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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