Ashanti Regional Minister, Mr. Simon Osei-Mensah

The Ashanti Regional Minister , Mr. Simon Osei-Mensah has descended on the People of Upper West Region and other areas in the North describing the Upper West, Savannah, North East and Upper East Regions  and their people as Anachronistic.

In a statement spotted on Social Media, the Minister indicated that most People from Upper West and other Parts of the North with the Exception of Northern Region run to Kumasi for Greener pastures and never return home, he also pointed at instances where Notherners especially politicians fail to develop the North to standard but resort to Investing outside the Country.

“Unrealistic Notherners, when you get money you don’t develop your area, you resort to the South for Greener pastures, with a very underdeveloped area like the North, how many Notherners go back he after coming down south, apart from Dagombas who Build good houses, how many areas in the North Build good structures as houses?, How many Notherners have gotten the opportunity to be president, yet when Mahama got the Opportunity he resorted to Building a hotel in Dubai, with all our resources we dole out to the Notherners Including money wasted on guinea fowls, Ashanti’s and Fantis struggle in Cocoa farms yet they don’t get scholarships to study, only Notherners get to attend Schools free of charge, the president saw it to be a cheat so he decided to make it cover the who country”.


Suleman Abdul
“This is very tribalistic and very bad from the mouth of a regional Ashanti minister. Our grandparents were used to build Ashanti. We were used to cross breeds with your daughters before castrating us to be used to bath your queen mother’s and to carry your king’s in occasions. We respect the southerners very much and will always respect them. No northern has ever undermine a southerner on which ever reason. We were one people and one Ghanaian so, why all these things. We love you the regional Ashanti minister. We respect you so much and will always respect you.”

Listen to His Speech


2 thoughts on “UW: Ashanti Regional Minister Spits Venom on Upper West”
  1. The Ashanti regional minister is a bigot! A fool to be heading a whole region. Stupid bastard!

  2. This bigotry tribal comments needs sanctioning,is it our making that we found ourselves in the north, why any little opportunity you got instead of magnitising the long time gap you rather flaming the issue.
    Allah is our witness we shall surely one day got better answers for grand grand offsprings

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