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The Upper West Regional Police Command Through it’s Public Relations Office has cautioned Inhabitants of the Region to desist from Moving at Odd Hours amidst festivities in the Region.

The Development is partly as a result of September’s Abductions and other related Developments in the Region.

The Command Issued the Statement with Series of caution Notes for the Masses to observe and Practice.


The Upper West Regional Police Command is hereby informing the general public that during occasions miscreants adopt several means or modus operandi to gain.
The command is therefore entreating the publics to be security conscious and also be abreast with the following guidelines in order not to fall victims.


.Fix burglar prove on all doors and windows if possible

II.All lights outside the building must be switched on instead of inside lights

II. Security lights must be fixed at all corners of the building, if possible

IV.Never hang a notice on your door to indicate your movement

V. You may install CCTV, if possible


a) Ensure that you see the one knocking before you open

b) You do so by peeping through a hole, louvers or CCTV.

c) For odd times never open


a) Be conversant with the registration number of your car.

b) Be sure that your steer is lockcd after packing.

c) Install car alarm.

d) Roll glasses up if possible

e) Avoid keeping items such as laptops, cameras, cell phones, money etc

9 Avoid travelling at odd hours.


a Peep through your louvers or holes to check around your environment
before you come out of your residence.

b) Turn to check after a few minutes of walk, whether someone is following
you and cross check again.

c) Take a quick decision whether you are safe to continue or not.

d Avoid having a walk before 5:00am

e) When leaving to church or anywhere, leave one or two matured persons at home to avoid falling victim.

The Regional Police Command continues to appeal for public cooperation to ensure a peaceful Yuletide and wishes the people of the Upper West Region.

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