UW: Dagaaba-Frafra Games: Dagaaba Carry the Day at El Wak Sports Stadium

Dagaaba-Frafra Games was held at El wak Sports Stadium

The Dagaaba vrs Frafra football match has ended today 3rd September 2022 at the El wak Sports stadium and the Dagaabas can’t stop Celebrating against their slaves.

The Purpose of the Game is to Unit the Dagaaba and Frafra. This is 25th Dagaaba-Frafra Game observed.

Activities that took place were:
Soccer (Men and Women), Tag of Peace(Men and Women), Sack Race, Egg and Spoon Race, Cultural Display etc.

The Occasion was graced by several Dignitaries Including the Former President of Ghana, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, the Interior Minister, Hon. Ambrose Dery, the Former National Chairman of PNC, Naa Bernard Anbataayela Mornah etc.

Brief History Narrated by an Elder

It is Believed That Dagaabas and Frafras have the same Ancestors, they were brothers, they Lived together and there was famine, after they had exhausted their food, they went looking for food and even hunting, they weren’t lucky but they had a pet dog so when the hunger became unbearable they decided that they would kill the pet do so that they can satisfy they hunger, they killed the dog but by then ,how to process the dog brought disagreement, one wanted it roasted and the other wanted it boiled, the one that wanted it boiled if they boil it they will get some light soup to drink, the other one said he was so hungry that he can’t be patient to wait for the boiling process, they decided to share the meat and did it equally, in the process the Head got missing, one of them hid the head, that brought disagreement and with the disagreement they went their separate ways that is how come you find the Frafras in the East and the Frafras in the West. After sometime we realised we were the same, it because intriguing, that’s why when a dagao meets a Frafras he asks of the dog’s head.

Some Reactions

Rose Nadara

“The Dagaaba won all games at the 25th Dagaaba-Frafra Games. The trophy (puppy) was handed over to my uncle, Bernard Mornah by the former President, His Excellency, John Dramani Mahama.”

Baba Waala

“Cash amounts donated for Dagaaba – Frafra Games at Elwak Stadium.

• Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia Gh 10,000
• Hon Ambrose Dery Gh7,000
• Hon Alban S.K. Bagbin Gh10,000
• John Dramani Mahama Gh5,000



Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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