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Good Morning Editor, I’m highly grateful to be part of this Noble group, I want to reveal this important issue to the people of Wa and it’s close Districts on how some phone Repairers do the unthinkable to make money. kindly hide my Identity.

On the 20th of June 2022, I went to work on my Tecno Spark 5 Android Phone, on getting to the Phone Repairer’s shop, I showed the phone to him, an attaché who was there by then had recommended his place to me because he is a close friend of mine and I help him by buying him School books and paying for his exam fees sometimes.
On getting to the place the attaché was absent on the day I went there so I presented my phone to the one in charge who happens to be his master, he collected the phone and turned it on, the screen reflected white rather than icons and graphics so he told me to pay Ghc350 to change the screen, I reflected on the cost of the phone which I bought at Ghc520 and realised the idea of changing the screen won’t be prudent, I left the phone at the shop contemplating on issues for over a week till I decided to buy a new phone.

A day later his attache visited my house, I had informed him about the decision I took to send my phone to his master for repairs, I Explained everything to him of my decision to buy a new phone, I also demanded to know a good phone I could opt for. He suggested I buy a Tecno Pouvoir Because of the Battery and the Gorilla Glass and demanded to know where my old phone was, I told him it was at his master’s shop because I became frustrated after he had informed me of the requirements to get it fixed. I also went to a phone shop nearby with the description of the phone, I was told the entire screen goes for Ghc170.

He went to work the next day and returned to inform me that his master had opened my phone and replaced some parts in it, he urged me to go for my phone before most of it’s internal components are taken out of it and sold out. He added that several people were given similar reasons with high charges and as a result they Abandoned their phones at the shop, such phones according to him are later fixed at a cheaper cost and sold out to phone dealers who sell on table tops and others who opt to buy slightly used phones.

I went the next day for the phone and realised it was opened because there is a point where a screw is covered with a seal, that seal had been removed with a screw driver.

Thanks for your time and I hope we all learn to be honest in our businesses we do.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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  1. U still have to work on der spak 5 becos is a standard phone contact Ab phones for cool prices of service 0247854464

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