Sissala Chief, Kuoro Suleman Abdul(Basawula Tantou III)

A Chief from the Jeffisi Royal Family by name Suleman Abdul(Basawula Tantou III) has kicked against marrying a woman too Respectful and down to earth.

In an interview with Upperwestmedia Team at Wa, the Chief Gave reasons why such women should not be given a complete nod with the perception that they are the best.

“One thing we should know is that a woman who is too Respectful may have targets you can’t imagine, some of these women may appear good today but they respect you for an agenda, it’s either they have an information about what you have such as power or money or something they can get from you, this can lure them to be in that programmed mood, Women are naturally egocentric and won’t just respect or submit to a man without being closer to the person to understand them”.

He compared such women with padlocks

“For instance, if you have a padlock that opens to any key at all you have to fear such a padlock, it’s not safe to use or keep, a padlock that is encrypted or is difficult to operate is the best,it only needs one key that understands it’s programming to operate it”.

He concluded by advising that women Should not seize the opportunity to be disrespectful or arrogant but should respect people who respect them. He also suggested the kind of men that are best for women.

“Women should respect men or their fellows who respect them and should learn to keep few female friends, naturally women compete so much amongst themselves and can draw each other back, the best type of men to follow are men most women won’t want to be with, such men are also like the padlocks I talked about, they shouldn’t also be available or easy to be with,so to succeed as a woman, follow men with low demand in society, they have secrets to truth you won’t easily Understand”.


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