Youth Of Upper West

In the Middle, Beginning or Send of the Month, the Assembly Member will Need to call for Presentation of inventions by some Residents of the electoral area as research mechanisms for development.

The inventions can cut across several areas including in Agric, Heath, Education (Improving Educational Standards), Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum, Sanitation etc.

This will Elevate electoral areas by creating jobs with the invention of solutions to problems in the Area.

Several Assembly Members have been urged to embrace the development idea and implement it in their Electoral Area.

Inventions are key to National Development and several Assemblies or States have raked in Billions into their Economic Systems due to meticulous implemention of Technical Education.

Upper West Region has 11 Constituencies and if all Electoral Areas could introduce the idea with the Overall idea being adopted by the District or Municipal Assembly they find themselves, it’ll go a long way to boost the District Assembly’s Common Fund.




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