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Mr Yussif Abdullah, the Assembly Member for Beleofili Electoral Area in the Wa West District, has appealed to the government and District Assembly to expand dams in the area to irrigable statuses to fuel dry season farming.

He said the move would provide jobs and food and as well reduce brain drain and urban drift among youths of the area.

He said it would also augment mainstream farming as most farmers could not afford fertilizers for the just-ending farming season.

He appealed for a subsidy of fertilizers next farming season to benefit about 97 per cent of farmers in his electoral area.

The Assembly Member lamented the fast-changing climate which affects rainfall patterns and farming season.

He admonished the people of the area to stop indiscriminate felling of trees and bush burning which are contributory factors to climate change.

He further urged them to plant trees to replace dead and felled ones in line with the Green Ghana objective.

The Assembly Member vehemently advised against bush burning and tree felling as the dry season sets in.

He said agriculture and human life were highly dependent on the environment and urged the people to protect the environment.

Source: Info Radio

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