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Dear Admin, I overhead a conversation from a short distance and I was shocked as to what I heard late at night by some two women behind my window few weeks ago.

I was in my room, not feeling sleepy, I thought of reading a novel for a while whilst awaiting nature’s arrest. At a point I stopped reading and laid on my bed close to my window.

In the process,  two women were passing by and stopped close to my window, in their conversation, they narrated how a rich man within our township was sleeping with his mother to multiply his wealth. A man with enough cars and wealth.

Per their narrative, the young man went to a part of Northern Region where he was given a spiritual pot to serve for money. The requirement was that he has to sleep with his mother once in every two weeks and use a handkerchief to clean his semen from his mother’s private part after which he will deposit it in the pot for more Money.

He did that for about seven times and that was possible after drugging his mother into a deep sleep. At a point, his mother knew she was being penetrated but couldn’t figure out how and who was behind it so she contacted a friend and they went to a spiritualist, there was an incantation and consultation, in the process, the spiritualist instructed the victim that someone has been serving him food and can devulge what is behind her predicament. He added that her son will be bringing food to her and when that happens she has to follow some rules.

“…your son will be bringing you food, when he comes home, cut the food into pieces, put it in a rubber and dispose it off, leave the bowl as usual, the way you do to it and lay down as if you are asleep afterwards, you’ll get the answers to your question…”

She did that and later in the night, her son came into the room with a pot, kept it aside and used a white rag to wipe his face, afterwards he tried undressing his mother to have carnal knowledge of her, his mother woke up and shouted in shock.

Currently, they have moved out of the Region to where he got the spiritual fortification. It’s really embarrassing and I was shocked with what I heard.


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