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Dear Admin, life can be complicated sometimes but the problem is the libido, can we get some medication to lower it, it’s really getting men into trouble.

I was at home when my wife’s younger sister visited, she came to spend some days before returning to school, upon arrival, my wife introduced her to me, I knew her at a night club called the shield before my wife’s introduction so she wasn’t any new being, we got along well and promised to meet there the next day, I went there and we came down to DeansGate to take some tilapia and soft drinks, after relaxing, I squeezed her thigh and gave her a deep kiss, we all because aroused but there was no way we could do any thing fishy at home, I booked booked a fascinating room at Pet Vero and spent some few hours stretching to achieve the goal of 5 Rounds, we couldn’t so we stopped at 3 after she squirted on the mattress.

It was becoming a usual game till she told me she missed her period along the line in the following month, by then she needed to return to school in 2 weeks after spending a month and some days at my end.

We agreed to abort the baby and went to a very good doctor in town, she was admitted and the deal was done, I was adviced to keep her at the health center for at least five days for recovery purpose but I didn’t want my wife to suspect, those creatures can sense foul play, so I rushed her out on her agreement, we went home immediately.

After some hours I took her in my car together with my wife to her dad’s abode, in getting there, we went Inside, sat gently and had a conversation, after some time she got up to get us water from the fridge, upon getting up, some blood stained the sofa and my wife, her mother and father spotted the stains, it’s trouble time ..

“…oh my goodness, what’s this..”

She was called back to explain the situation but remained silent, her father directed a slap to her left cheek and after some seconds she pointed at me and narrated the circumstances.

I just finished serving 19 days in remand and my wife cannot be traced, her lines are off and I’m still to face the district court.

I feel this is not fair …. Not after sleeping there for 19 days.

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