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Some Resilient Youth of Lambussie Constituency has come together to outline and solve some pertinent issues facing their constituency since it’s Establishment.

Some notable issues they outlined included the absence of some development support institutions including a magistrate court, College of Education or Nursing, Media houses such as radio, online or print media. Some other individuals talked of failure to mobilize revenue effectively.

Paul Bemane Demanded for factors hindering development of Lambussie and ways to address such setbacks.

Let us enumerate the factors that are holding Lambussie Constituency back in terms of Development.

Bemane Demanded for Detailed Solutions, “State it as it is but provide away forward”

Ebenezer Ayemah, A concerned Resident outlined several factors hindering the development of Lambussie.


Great idea in focus. We should all try in our little way to building a constituency so desirous of us all and generations yet to be born.
For us to achieve this, l personally think we should join hands in fighting the giant evils of the constituency.

First of it all is GREED. In as much as we want to travel far, we must Respect each an everyone who constitute the constituency as well as the District. In an attempt of one person or group of persons trying to look superior to others, the rest coil back leaving the supposed superior group to go alone. Development, they say can’t be achieved by an individual. So no one group or tribe should see itself superior to others. Believe me or not, it exist in our constituency and truth must be told.

Secondly, corruption and its related activities are rearing their ugly faces in the constituency. people in position have promised heaven on earth to our people and today, what are we seeing.
We all owe it a duty to fight corruption but are we doing that?
A rhetoric question though. We have caterers who have not cooked for days yet, always paid as and when they are paying.

Thirdly, ignorance is one of the social cancers in the constituency. Government alone can’t do it for us and for that matter, the need to develop the private sector. Many of us think one needs a huge sun of money to start a business. Once you reason like this, you are already a failure in society. The few NGO’s operating or yet to come in, some people with opportunities handles them as if they were private ventures trying to change the plans of these groups to suit themselves. Certainly if it happens, these groups will fold up without implementing fully their desire goals.

Revenue mobilization should be of great interest to us. Without revenue, nothing can go on in the constituency. The District Assembly should be proactive in gazetting its by-laws and implementing them to the fullest. Every community in the constituency should have revenue taskforce to collect revenue as to whether the community has a market or not , people still do businesses in all communities . Property rates on animals alone is huge and there is no community someone wouldn’t do rearing. If the Assembly takes steps to promptly pay the taskforce their commissions, people will be more than willing to collect revenue.

These are just but few from my infant believe.

Source: Upper West Media App

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