Abdul Hayi Moomen was with GBCA Former Journalist with GBC and Native of Wa Municipality has opposed the decision of flogging two victims spotted to have recorded their nudity on the 29th of May 2022 and circulated it.

According to Hayi Moomen, its illegal because there isn’t any law defined to issue such punishment to victims of such circumstances.


Caning her is perhaps, as immoral as the act she is alleged to have committed.
1. Did she have sex with herself? Wasn’t a man involved? Where was the man? Why wasn’t his punishment captured and shared (that’s assuming he was punished too)

2. Under what law was she punished? Which court prescribed that punishment?”

Meanwhile, the Waala Royal Authority has denied instigating the act.

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One thought on “UW: Leaked Sex Tape: Abdul Hayi Moomen Goes Haywire on Waala Traditional Authority”
  1. Which law also says they can record them selves and put it on social media when having sex?

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