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I was planning on getting married as an adult so I met this young girl who looked 25, very energetic, black bold and fresh.

I approached her and our eye contacts linked us up, we exchanged contacts and in a week time, we got along very well, we discussed issues about the future and how we intend to stay together forever.

I thought of her future more, so I enquired to know what trade she had learnt in the past and her level of Education, she told me she was a senior Apprentice and had completed a cosmetology program.

I knew she was a resource and not a burden one will keep in my abode, so I planned on getting married to her, I met some friends and elders to take me through the process, it was fascinating and the bride price was moderate, I bought some number of Cowries, cola, other Traditional items and cash. We presented everything in front of Elders and afterwards, the marriage was blessed and we went home to have a memorable rest and plan our future.

As an SHS graduate, I advised my wife to think of furthering her education because the future is unknown, she promised to think of it along the week, after the week ended, she came to me and agreed to Pursue a Higher National Diploma in a Technical Program in a Technical University, we bought a form and she got admitted to pursue the Program in 2018.

After Spending a Semester at the University, I noticed she was constantly receiving calls from a particular guy she referred to as an intelligent course mate assisting her with assignments, I had no issues but It got to a point they spent more time chatting at night, so I resorted to a digital means of tracking the kind of conversation they engaged inn.

I contacted a friend who pursued a Course in IT and he gave me an application to install in her phone, I thought of it and realized if I demand for her phone she would suspect something fishy so I bought her a new phone and installed the app in it before handing it over to her, by then her birthday was a week ahead so I surprised her on her birthday and everything was set.

Every call she made was being forwarded to me afterwards, her text messages and WhatsApp chats were recorded in video format and sent to me.

In one of her calls recorded, I overhead a man’s asking of how their child is fairing, they discussed the child for over 15 minutes, this got me surprised, since I met her, I have never Known of her child. Her child was 25 years and working as a Civil Servant.

It got me thinking for days, I was pushed to confront her, but then I thought if I did, I’ll lose lots of information, humans are smart.

I kept mute until I had enough recordings and chats.

In one of the recording, a young man called and addressed her as ‘mom’ in the sound, the young man told her he built a house for her in a serene environment Close to Bamahu, the young man pleaded with her to leave her marriage and reconcile with his father.

The conversation got me scared, at that Point, I felt I was losing my wife to her son and ex boyfriend she met in Junior High School.

I monitored my wife’s words but she acted neutral and that was my problem, why didn’t she discourage her son’s idea, I don’t think I can trust her because she never told me she had a child from the Start.

She is currently about to get in to second year, no signs of pregnancy and I want to believe this woman wants to use me and leave, her actions are clear but I haven’t informed her of the information I have now.

I’m waiting to shock her with the truth when she comes on holidays.

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