Chaggu-Naa Bawa

Since the inception of the 4th Republic,  NDC apart from Hon. Alhaji Issahaku Salia, none other after him as PC/MP can boast of representing or serving as mp on the ticket of NDC for more than a term.

Hon. Ameen Salifu rescued us from eight years without an NDC MP in 2012 after a fiercely contested and acrimonious primaries in 2011.

In 2015, out of hatred, not underperformance, the “Self Acclaimed Owners’  of Wa East devised dubious and undemocratic means to truncate his tenure and brought in an astute lawyer with special needs, Dr. Henry Seidu Danaah. With the lawyer as our PC,  we lost the seat to our opponents in 2016 as a result of voter apathy and tactical voting. Fast forward to 2019, the very team that brought Dr. Daannaa during the 2015 parliamentary primaries quickly jettisoned him and run to support Hon. Dr.  Seidu Jasaw.

Dr. Jasaw genuinely won the 2019 primaries and went ahead to win the 2020 general elections overwhelmingly. Unfortunately on Hon. Jasaw’s part, his party, the NDC couldn’t make it to form the government of the day; making him an orphan MP in Parliament. Albeit an orphan MP, everybody including his detractors and saboteurs can testify that he is vocal and vociferous in the house of Parliament.

Today, with Jasaw in Parliament, Wa East Constituency has become a household name in Ghana and beyond. As usual of them,  they are at it again, doing everything possible and reactivating their destructive machinations to render Jasaw too, another one-term MP. I’m not insinuating that the duo contesting Jasaw is incapable or incompetent.

They undoubtedly may be as competent and vocal as Dr. Jasaw, but the timing is miscalculated and inimical to the growth of the party. Why can’t we put our heads together, guide and support the incumbent MP for two consecutive terms at least ? After which we would have ample grounds to assess and interrogate his tenure and call for his head if the need be.

But a situation where we are trying to establish a new convention of ousting our MP/PC every four years, will not auger well for the party. We’ll be creating unending divisions to enable our opponents from the NPP judiciously utilize such divisions to defeat us.

Dear delegates,  I challenge you to be bold and untimid to ask the following questions :
1. Must we always change our PC/MP after every four years? If yes or no is their answer, you  should know the follow-up question
2. Must they always be the ones to bring/propose new PC/MP for the party in the constituency?
3. What assurance have they for you this time around that, they won’t bring a different candidate tomorrow?
4. Challenge them to tell you why the incumbent during his PC days was supported and tagged competent but appears repugnant to them today.

5. Finally, why should the incumbent MP be maintained?
I will be back to address meaningful responses, not insults or emotional reactions.

Source: Chaggu Naa Bawa/Journalist

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