Business Owners Trained on Social Media Marketing

Necessary Aid Alliance (NAA), a Non Profit Organization through their Skills Drive Project has trained over 50 Business Owners on Social Media Marketing and the Use of E-commerce Apps to harness more Revenue for themselves.

The Program was held at the Jam Guest House and Chaired by Mr. Yahaya, Director of Upper West Centre for Arts and Culture.

Several women were Educated on the Need to use Popular Social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp consistently to be able to reach out to several interested buyers of goods.

In Attendance was the Head of Department for Industrial Arts, Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University and some Weavers from several districts and Municipalities in the Upper West Region.

The Daah Mobile Application was also introduced at the centre and was installed on phones of interested business owners, per the Developers from Noni Hub in Wa, they explained that the App has two interfaces, the user app which allows one to access multiple products available for sale and the seller interface which gives option to upload Graphics and price of goods & services.

Speaking to Mr. Abudu Osman, Programs Coordinator for Necessary Aid Alliance (NAA), he explained the reason for organizing the training program.

“We’ve released that in time past businesses most Especially women led business has always been dependent on Traditional media to boost their sales and to get their businesses promoted, radio, Television but in this age and time everything is being digitized, you know technological advancement is moving in leap and bounce so it’s only prudent that everyone gets digital marketing skills to propel their business growth so we realised that there is also a huge inequality between the men led business and women led businesses so we decided that let’s make this program an all business affair so we select Women from diverse fields to come for this training. Social Media has become a powerful tool for business promotion due to its vast reach, you also get a lot of feedback from potential customers, it’s also cost effective compared to the traditional media so basically that is why we are here today.”

He also Revealed that Plan Ghana sponsored the Program to champion the skills drive of Entrepreneurs.


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