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The Smock Festival is set to take place on the 24th to the 26th of November 2022.

The 3-day Occasion will provide an avenue for weavers and distributors of smock to exhibit and market Smocks to interested group of people within the Region and other inter Regional Observers.

Smocks have become international Traditional wears patronized by Dignified groups of people including Presidents, Former Presidents, Ministers, Chief Executive Officers, Foreigners and many other stakeholders.


Smocks can be worn to the Office, at Naming Ceremonies, Parties, Funerals, Graduation ceremonies, Schools, Churches, Mosques, Shrines and other significant areas.

Smocks have a link to our culture ad heritage and cover one spiritually in his or her activities based on the Type of smock.

Other weaved fabrics can be used by ladies and children to sew different types and sizes of clothes for various occasions.

The Smock Festival will take place on the Sena Waala Street in Wa, a minor road from the J.J Rawlings High Street to the Regional Health Directorate.

Several Businesses Including McKito Smocks, Smock City have expressed interest and will be present at the Festival.

Program Outline

24th November 2022 – Smock Exhibition/Tour, Local Food/Music, Fashion Night(7pm, Kabanye Street)

25th November 2022

-General Exhibition Continues
Float (3:30pm)
-Traditional Dance

26th November 2022

-Smock Festival Climax(Jubile Park, Wa)
-Smock Concert, 8pm Kabanye/ Zongo Street
Inquiries: +233207464298


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