The WACCU Progress Upper West Music Awards is set to take place officially Today, 30th December 2022 at the In-service training Centre in Wa.

Per Reports from the Organizers,  this 8th Edition of the Program is set to award industrious Musicians within the Upper West Region for the year 2022.

6 Artistes have been billed to perform on the night of the program, these Artistes Include Kawute, Nash Berry, Ojay, Rekordz, Gally, Wiz maleek et al.

DJs for the Night will be DJ Breezy and DJ 10plus.
MC for the Program: Queen Lat.

1. All artists who will be performing at the PRUMAS awards night are artists from the Upper West Region.

2. Out of the total billed arts, 43% of them are artists that did not file for the awards.

3. Out of all artists who filed for the scheme, less than 20% of them are billed to perform on the final night.


Artiste Of The Year

1. Ojay

2. Kawute

3. Rekordz

4. Nashberry

Afro/highlife Artiste Of The Year

1. Bada Kasu

2. Koyaaro

3. Rekordz

4. Sm Ranking

5. Sypher

6. Thunder Rapson

7. Saani Ajaana

Reggae/dancehall artiste Of The Year

1.Queezy Banna

2. Kawute

3. Infinity Spatta

4. Sm Ranking

5.taatoo King

Gospel Artiste Of The Year

1. Eleyoung

2. Evangelist Christ

Best New Artist Of The Year

1. Adlan

2. D2s Gh

3. Don 45

4. Ganani

5. Thunder Rapson

6. Prince Wab

7. Young Cash

8. Rapture

9. Flavin Boy

10. Icy

11. Elvee

12. Real M2

Best Collaboration Of The Yea

1. Adlan Ft Best Gally

2. Badingu Ft Best Gally

3. Bill Cash Ft Best Gally

4. D2s Ft Sambwoy

5. Nashberry Ft Typanza, Harmless

Vid, Rekordz, Harikani

6. Ojay Ft Wiz Maleek

7. Rekordz Ft One Naira

8. Queezy Banna Ft Shatta Banna

Most Popular Song Of The Year

1 Rekordz…njawre

2 Kawute..Against

3 Don 45..Waali La

4 Cas Gee….deceive

5 P.k Yaw…..won Kunta

Hiplife/ Hop Song Of The Year

1. Badda Kasu… Asalaama Laikum

2. Ojay…Undisputed

3. Rekordz .. Fuolaabie

4. Reezy Ft Topboy.. Bless

5. Nashberry… We Are Coming

6. D2s Gh….give Me The Crown

Best Album Of The Year

1. Kawute ….. Versatile Ep

2. Reezy Bwoy ..sound 21 Ep

3. Rekordz…Fuolaabie Album

4. Nashberry.

.. Goon Of The Street

Best Female Vocalist Of The Year

1. Eleyoung

2. Queezy Banna

Traditional Artiste Of The Year

1. Samson B

2. Koyaaro

3. P.k Yaw

Security Song Of The Year

1. Rappy Boy…ba Nyogeye

2. Badingu…Suuri

3. Young Cas..Positive

Best Rapper Of The Year

1. Badda Kasu

2. Rekordz

3. Ojay

Best Dj Of The Year

1. Dj Breezy Jnr

2. Dj Strange

3. Dj 10 Plus

4. Dj Rasky


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