Dakurah Prosper wants a girl with big Ass photo source: Unsingle Me/Facebook

Several people have gone wild on Dakurah prosper,a private school French teacher who Indicated that he earns Ghc400 and wants to date a lady with big buttocks(ass).

He explained in a statement that he resides in Bolga and he is 24 years of age,he added that he wants a chubby lady with big ass from ages 25 and above.
His specs didn’t go down well with some people who quizzed whether he can afford the panties of such a girl with Ghc400 as salary.

Others enquired to know if he was serious with his life.

Some few others defended him stating that he never demanded to adopt an orphan as a girlfriend.

Dakurah’s Post on Unsingle Me
“Name: Dakurah Brian Prosper
Age: 24
Location : Bolgatanga
Country: Ghana
Nationality: Ghanaian
Occupation : Pupil French Teacher with a salary of ¢400
Marital Status: Single
Parental Status: None
Description: Dark complexion, Average height
Attributes: Respecful, Calm, hard guy(Good in bed)🍆

Préfers: Lady
Age: 25 -30
Location : Anywhere
Marital Status : Single
Parental Status: None
Description: Chubby (Big Ass)
Attributes : Respectful, Honest and too Sexy!
Looking for relationship towards Marriage.
HMU ASAP: 0557452695


Read comments Below:

Don Freddyp

“What do u bring to the table? 400c and good in bed 🤣 my broda try to focus on ur future don’t stress urself I Dey beg u 👏🏽”

Eric Kojo Hini
“400 Ghana and u want big botos . Wow u serve a living God indeed”

Chris K. Donkor
“U earn Ghc400 as monthly salary and u want chubby big ass lady..eeii Koo! abeg can u afford her panties?”

Sua Mia Numbu
“Your salary is 400gh and you want big ass?
You are really brave!
Na only 5 XXXL pants your 400gh fit buy😒”

Esther Entsie
‘When I talk they will say I’m not a virgin. See we the big ass ladies errr our waist pain medicine will take all your salary Bros. Yoooo don’t say I didn’t tell you”

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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