The Victims were flogged at Wa Naa’s Palace

Some Resident of Upper West Region have reacted in varied ways regarding the leaked sex tape that has since been in circulation from 29th of May 2022.

The Victims including a worker with Wa Municipal Assembly have been flogged at the Wa Naa’s Palace,  some group of people are of the opinion that the Overlord of Waala Traditional Area isn’t aware of the development in the Palace and as a result have condemned the practice.

Other people have opined that the lady should marry his partner in crime because they have interest in each other,  few have added that the Chief Imam should be the one executing the Sharia Law rather than the overlord of Waala Traditional area.

Many others have also suggested that the act of flogging isn’t appropriate measure to deter the individuals involved from repeating such a practice.






One thought on “UW: Public Reaction to Leaked Video and Flogging of Victims”
  1. Respectfully, Dear elders, brothers and sisters, am deeply sorry for the flogging of the Young Man and the Lady at the Wa Naa’s Palace. But let us get one thing clear, we are a people with beautiful culture and religion and the idea of allowing ourselves to be carried over by the western world and their so-called laws and treaties are not helping us. Similar tapes have leaked and no punitive measures were taken against them and that have given them the propensity to go ahead with this shameful acts. For the me the people that flogged them did no wrong.

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