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An Award Winning Artiste from the Upper West Region with hit songs such as Lilaafi, Dogori, Bayiri Jombie et Al has revealed to Upperwestmedia Team, his top five favorite Artistes in the Upper West Region and His Reason for Selecting them.

According to Raphius, if he is to select his 5 Favorite Artistes he will go for Prince Karim, Wiyaala, Samini, Nuhu Economics and Imoru Ayaana.

“For Upper West 5 Artistes, actually I think umm! Prince Karim, Noella, Nuhu Economics, Samini and um Imoru Ayaana. I chose these guys because I believe that Noella, Samini and Co they were not part of social media, if you check well when Noella was beginning there was no Social Media, Imoru Ayaana no Social media, Nuhu Economics same, the reason why Nuhu Economics is part of my list is because, vocally he is serious, he is very very good if you check through in Upper West he is a vocalist, someone with vocal delivery, he is not young and can’t go the modern way, he is a great Artistes, very melodious man, many will ask why I haven’t included young guys, today’s style of singing is far different, some of the young guys are so dependant on auto tune to make their songs cool and also because they have access to studio, if the number were to be more than 5 I would have added more but once it’s limited to 5, I’ll go for these five people..”

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