Kojokperi Basic School

The reasons why private schools are performing quite better than public schools are that :

Firstly, In the private school there is proper supervision. Private Schools are given every material and tool that will aid learning, With Public school students,about 60% don’t even have 5% of wats needed for academic work

Secondly, There is a restriction on the speaking of L1 ie vernacular so the private schools are very fluent and can express themselves when it comes to examination.

Thirdly, Parents of these private school pupil sacrifice to buy teaching and learning materials at a higher cost for their wards. Private schools are well resource than government schools and also at private schools parents are willing to buy books for their children.

Fourthly, Since private schools are not run freely, there are proper measures that enhance effective teaching and learning in the school. According to Gabriel Gab, “Most public school teachers don’t teach. They will go to the school but they will never touch chalk until school closed.”

Fifthly, Proprietors and proprietress of private schools do motivate their teachers and it enables the teachers to work hard.

To Add to that, Though most teachers in the private schools are not train but since they have quality teaching and learning materials it guides them to deliver effectively. The guardians of these students provide whatever the students and the school needs. The students have adequate TLMs to learn both at home and in the school. The teachers are motivated to teach. The students are well fed, have neat school uniforms and bags. Whatever the school/teachers tell the parents, they do it. They don’t have poor school infrastructure. They basically lack nothing to impede on teaching and learning. Even some of us in the public schools run workshops for those in the private schools. Yet we don’t have the requisite TLMs to make teaching and learning in public schools better. We lack so many things that impede proper teaching and learning

By: Robert Norshie

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