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The game of football has become a complete established economy on its own not only for the ordinary citizens & affluent in society who find escape in the games from their daily hustle & tussle but it has become the priced obsession of the royalty recently and its likely to stay so for a long long time.

The recent move by Arab royalty in purchasing and managing top football clubs around the world should not be taken on the face value. At This Moment, the likes of Manchester City, PSG, Aston Villa, and Sheffield United are owned by Sheikh Mansour, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, Nassef Sawiris and Abdullah bin Mosaad respectively.

Many reasons account for the recent invasion of royal families in the soccer ecosystem. Though owning and managing soccer clubs comes with huge financial implications, it also serves as a investment not for the faint hearts with huge returns for their owners. The football market space provides opportunities on which many other diverse business portfolios such as the catering & hospitality industry, health, transport industry, tourism & cultural industry and many other ventures in our local settings are built on.

A good partnership deal with recognized industries/companies turn to influence supporters of football clubs. Fans tend to show affinity and passion for brands that support their teams. A classical example is found in the Qatar Winter Tour in Doha where Qatar partners with PSG to offer a life time experience to fans including its culture and hospitality.

Away from the economic benefits derived from the game of soccer, it is also a vehicle for social change. In other jurisdictions, soccer is used for what is termed as “sport washing “. This process is referred to as using soccer to improve reputation and public image of brands. An example is “Dubai Globe Soccer Awards”. During this award, prominent soccer stars are invited who use their personal social media handles to promote and showcase Qatar.

Again, Soccer is used as a platform to foster peace. Even though it is evident that issues of terrorism and extreme interstate factors are common in North Africa, Countries such as Morocco is likely to host the 2030 FIFA WORLD CUP but will need the support of Tunisia and Algeria to successfully launch a joint bid. What this means is that, a show of unity is needed between these countries to help them launch their bit and rekindle issues of integration and solidarity amongst them.

Here in Ghana, there are clubs that are owned and managed by prominent Royalty. This include but not limited to Kumasi Asante Kotoko, Aduana Stars, major share holder for Accra Hearts of Oak and late Nana Aidoo of Ebusua Dwarfs. All of these gives credence to the influence of soccer to royalty.

The Kanton dynasty in TUMU is one powerful family dating back into ages. The royal family can boast of men and women working in various industries in and outside Ghana. Back in the late 50s and 60s, there was a team by name KANTON BELIEVERS. This team was made up of the young lads who resides in and around the royal palace. It’s ability to mobilize and keep the youth together during those periods can not be overemphasized.

I therefore use this opportunity to make a clarion call to the KANTON DYNASTY to consider reviving one of their old but fond memories in KANTON BELIEVERS.Perhaps, this will be a new dawn that will begin to reshape, restore and rekindle the soccer industry in the Sissala Enclaves.

A piece from your Humble Servant to your Royal Majesties, THE KANTONS & the several monarch’s within the enclave.

Sulemani Rufai Agbonor

Your Coach/ Sports Psychologist Contact: 0209021689


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