Eid-ul-Adha is A Fortnight ahead, 29th June 2023 and several Muslims are currently on the look out for sheep and at most cattle to follow an Islamic customs that demands that at least a sheep is sacrificed for Allah, their maker.

In some parts of Wa, prices of cattle have shot up significantly with several people suggesting inflation should be checked ahead of the Islamic Festivity.

Some Cattle were going for Ghc15,000, Ghc13,000 whilst others were traded at Ghc5,000, Ghc4000.

A cow was offered for sale at Ghc15,000 by Alhassan Habil Amantana on Wednesday, 15th June 2023.

Some sheep were being traded at Ghc2,000, Ghc3,000 ahead of the Festivity.

The New Prices have raised concerns and debates on several platforms

The celebration of Eid-ul-Adha is to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim’s devotion to Allah SWT and his readiness to sacrifice his son, Ismail.

The Feast of Sacrifice, is a commemoration of Ibrahim’s act of obedience and his willingness to follow God’s command without question.


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