Elder Issahaku Seidu

An Elderly Man within the Ages of 60s has explained why several girls in the Upper West Region are aging without husbands or serious suitors.

In an Engagement with Upper West Media Team at Duori, a Suburb of Wa, on the 16th of June 2023, Mr. Issahaku Seidu Noted that several girls are faced with spiritual challenges though not very common, he added that such ladies have issues when it comes to getting married and will have to be given the needed Attention from guardians.

“…it’s not very common for demons to follow women around or limit their chances of getting a suitor but a demon can be in a woman or send her into the bush for quite a long time before bringing her back but the key reason women have issues in wooing suitors is the haste for material things..”

Mr. Seidu Urged Women to focus on how to build a family devoid of love for material wealth, an attitude he foresaw to be a root of broken marriages and lack of access to suitors on the side of Women.

“The quest for material wealth, money is the main reason they can’t get suitors, I’ll advise that any girl that isn’t pleased with the little they get should try to get some home training and reassess themselves.”

Marriage is of the Social Demand for and individual to be respected and declared as responsible in most settlements.

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Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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