Wa Suntaa S/C

The Upper West  Regional Football Association has temporarily banned Wa Dark Horses from their home venue, Old T.I Ahamadiyya park, in the ongoing Division Two League.

In a statement released by the F.A and dated 9th May 2022, the purpose of the decision is to investigate a previous match misconducts between Wa Dark Horses FC and Wa Suntaa SC a week before the development.

A new stadium which is Wa Sports Stadium has been announced for their future sporting events.



The Division Two league board extend, its Compliments

The Division Two league Board write to inform you of a temporary ban on your home venue (WA DARK HORSES PARK) while the DLB investigate the incident during and after the league match between WA DARK HORSES VRS WA POWER S/C last weekend.

Until the case is determined by the DTLB, your next home matches will be played at WA SPORTS STADIUM PARK.

Please note that, the marking of the field, goal nets, corner flag and security arrangement are under your control.

We count on your usual cooperation.”

Source: Upperwestmedia.net Letter by Sungmaale FM

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