ICT Department of Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University at Kpongu Islamic JHS

The ICT Department of Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University as part of their Schedule to mark a week Celebration with impact, has visited Kpongu Islamic Junior High School to equip student Candidates with requisite skills to excel in ICT.

Training of the final year students took place on 11th of August 2022.

The process of Building the students through the Technical and Practical Subject(ICT) was observed together with the headteacher of the School, Mr. Philip Braimah, the Head of Department for ICT, Mr. Rockson Afriyie, a Lecturer, Mr. Richard Osei Sakyi and Students of Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University’s ICT Department.

Speaking to a Lecturer by Name Richard Osei Sakyi, he explained the significance of the training in the institution.
“We are having our week celebration, I mean ATUITS, Association of Technical University’s Information Technology Students, so in their schedule, they had a visitation, they had in their minds to go to the Kpongu JHS, that is the Kpongu Islamic JHS to at least contribute to the community, take them through some training in ICT so that they can have their hands on practical skills”.

Mr. Sakyi Noticed some Challenges in the School.

“As a small institution, the biggest challenge they had or they still have is is that they don’t have the PCs that is the computers to use to do the training, so it’s only the ICT teacher over there who has the PC and can demonstrate on his machine and students may not have the full package of having the direct experience in using the Machine, so our going inn there was very timely because we met with the third years who I understand that very soon in somewhere October will be writing their final exams, so our going inn there was really appreciated by the Headteacher and even all the teachers around and the students themselves, because we took them through practical skills, we gave them the opportunity to have hands on experience, we only guided and directed them to do the work.”.

The Head of Department for ICT, Mr. Rockson Afriyie Explained the impact of the Training to Upperwestmedia Team
“We are currently Celebrating our technology week as a department so as part of the Schedules we were supposed to go there and provide digital and ICT Training to the pupils at Kpongu Islamic JHS so we got there with the lead Trainer, Mr. Sakyi, he took them through with a team of students there, the students were exposed to practical Training so it was hands on, the laptops were for the team, we sent the laptops there, so they had the opportunity to have a hands on training using the laptops”.

Mr. Rockson indicated that ATUITS was able to expose the students to more practical skills.
“The students are currently preparing to write their exams and as part of it we got access to their syllabus so what we did was not out of their syllabus because we were also targeting them to make sure we prepare them to write their final exams so we took topics that are related to the skills that they are supposed to get and those of the exams too that is ahead of them, we took them through file management and how to use the internet to at least create their own email addresses so that they can also be part of the digital Development that is going through the world these days.”

Mr. Rockson stated that their works inspired students to pursue ICT in the future.

“Actually they were very happy being their first time of seeing the tools or devices we sent there, we sent things like projector there before them, the first time seeing that and we also had our own laptops they also used, apart from that I am an author so I had some books too which is the ICT so after the training we also presented that to the students to prepare towards their final exams”.

Speaking to The women’s commissioner of ATUITS, Winifred Zoyare, she indicated what inspired to Association to venture into the course of Training JHS Students in Kpongu.
“Initially it is a voluntary service to Community because the school located within the Community of Kpongu and giving back to the society is a great impact to start with so when our Lecturer asked that we go and volunteer to help the students I saw it to be a need because the Institution is found in the community”

She identified girls as her target on the training field to achieve digital independence.

“My focus was on the ladies in that class so we were assisting the ladies in order for them to move along with the guys, we gave them words of encouragement not to give up”.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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