The Most Discussed Images from Tampoe

There has been a semi Nude picture of a Lady purported to be from Jirapa Tampoe Circulating on some platforms within social media.

The images were shared today 10th December 2022 by Kandoh Vitus on a social media platform of some past Students within and outside Jirapa.

The Development has sparked several debates on various platforms.

According to the complainant by Name Vitus, he Communicated with the lady on WhatsApp and immediately after he sent ‘hi’ the lady sent him nude pictures he was displeased with, as a result he decided to share them in order to express his displeasure and also to serve as a caution to her and other girls.

“Who knows this girl?”

“Please they should advise her
She is from Jirapa Tampoe”

Some Reactions

Patience Kyeyeluu

“Wow I know her, what is wrong with her Hmmmm or she’s sick”

Doozuoh Feredrick Puohaa

Salifu Mumuni

“Posting her nude on social media no matter what isn’t right”
“Please what is the story behind this? Is she on a wanted list or what?”

Fidelis A Da-uri

“I don’t think it is right to post them here. She could have taken these photos for her husband which unfortunately leaked. What is the reason for posting here?”

Kandoh Vitus to Da-uri

“Fidelis A Da-uri you ask a good question bro , but she doesn’t need to be sending people pictures like this.
Wazzup chat Hi the thing to is send the person this kind pjotos??”

Amatus Suglo

“Kansoh Vitus you could handle that without necessarily dropping that on this platform. How will someone know she’s not even your ex and you decide to paint her this way. Why would someone just send you her nudes as soon as you chat him or her?”

Dormuo Samuel

“Kansoh Vitus perfectly said πŸ‘ you could have handled this without putting this picture here. And what ever happened and she was able to send them to you is between the two of you. Please just try to handle matters like this in a way that will not degrade the image of others because you will one day want to go back to your old footprints.πŸ˜’”.

For the Details Visit Facebook and Search for Jirapa Area Students Association(JASA)


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