Crocodile in Sissala East- Photo: Ayamga Bawa Fatawu

Crocodiles are totems for some groups of people in Ghana, especially in the Sissala enclave of the Upper West Region of Ghana.

Against this backdrop, those people or community members hold crocodiles in high esteem and thus protect them.

It is believed that any harm to a crocodile will be replicated to a human soul amongst those who taboo the crocodile, Communities such as Taffiasi, Bujan, Nabugujan, Gwollu Wuljua, Duu East, etc.

These crocodiles if preserved well will attract tourists like what happens in Paga.
Some institutions have done their best in getting the safe havens for these creatures but still not enough. Bodies such as the Gbele park in Tumu through the call from the tree growers association in Gwollu did some dredging to create a conducive environment for those in Gwollu.

None of these above mentioned has benefited from one dam in one village which could have at least helped in a way to sustain these crocodiles.
Unfortunately, these crocs as part of efforts to locate water bodies during the dry season get killed by hunters or get burnt by bushfires.

Their population is gradually declining as a result of the absence of water bodies.
Against this background, I am making a passionate appeal to entities and institutions to help with dams that would save as safe havens for these crocs and could open tourism potentials as well. This would boost local tourism in the long.

Copied to all media houses
All wildlife conservationists
Government of Ghana

Source: Ayamga Bawa Fatawu

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