Upper West Regional Director of Education, Mr. Razak A. Korah

After a meeting was held between Headmasters of the Various Senior High School’s within the Region on 7th of July 2022, they have outlined their decisions and some of which included decision to suspend sports activities in all Senior High Schools in the Region.

The Headmasters have also given the Regional Director a deadline of 15th July to meet their demands to make food available and all debts cleared to avoid further actions.


Dear Sir


At a meeting of the Upper West Regional CHASS on the 6th July, 2022 at Queen of Peace Senior High School, the Food and Money Situation in the schools was thoroughly discussed. It came out that the Food suppliers contracted by Buffer Stock Company and those local supplers contacted to help out are all refusing to supply due to non-payment of outstanding monies owed for food supplied to the schools. This has led to serious food shortages in all the schools in the region. In fact an assessment of the situation indicated that most school cannot go beyond one week if nothing urgent is done about
it. Also the way that money is trickling into the schools is making it very difficult to run the schools. In
view of these challenges, it was resolved that:

1. All Schools will feed students with only whatever is available in the school food stores and students will be asked to bring their own sugar and other items to the dining hall

2. If sufficient money and food is not received in the schools by Friday, 15″ July, 2022, we will be  compelled to tell parents and guardians to either teed their wards or come for them since it will be impossible to continue to feed them with nothing.

3. Candidates writing the WASSCE will be compelled to feed themselves or come from home to write the exams.

4 All sporting and cultural activities at the school, District, Regional and National levels are hereby  Suspended with immediate effect until further notice since there is no money to carry out these activities. We also consider it health hazard to compel students to partake in these activities on hungry stomach fearing that they may collapse during the activities.

5. All workshops and other activities which involve the payment of money should be suspended since it is becoming impossible for schools to pay for these activities.

We count on your usual support. Thank you

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