DCOP Peter Ndekugri, Upper West Regional Police Commander

The Upper West Regional Police Commander DCOP Peter Ndekugri Anambugri took over from DCOP Aboagye Nyarko on the 21st of August 2021.

Since he took over,  he engaged the media on his plans and measures he intends to use in curbing crime, these measures included preventing two young men from riding at Night, Preventing Motorkings popularly known as Nyarba Lorry from movement after 9pm, he added that number of police check points will be increased for surveillance.

The commander has since uprooted some crime suspects and miscreants within the society and had since been applauded for his level of confidence experience in fighting crime, he was promoted for strategic policing from the Rank of ACP to DCOP in February 2022. On the 11th of February 2022, News of his promotion was announced to the police fraternity and the public, he was congratulated by the Regional Coordinating council and had since been urged to keep up with his daily stance for crime level reduction.

On the 1st Of June 2022, the Regional Police commander together other junior officers were tasked with the responsibility of ensuring calm in the Region, some irate you had besieged the Regional Police headquarters demanding for the release of 3 suspects arrested, thier demands were not met and as a result the group of residents resorted to chanting and throwing of stones, in the process of dispersing the crowd there was fierce resistance and as a result a street light pole was dismantled close to the Wa High Court in Wa.

Some youth Group blamed the Waala Traditional Authorities for the arrests made due to the fact that the Secretary to Wa Naa, Jimpenhi Naa Kadri denied knowledge of a corporal punishment issued to two leaked sex tape victims at Wa Naa’s Palace on 31st of May. The denial prompted the police to immediately act upon the issue and as a result three were arrested.
25 others were also arrested in line with the agitations on 1st of July but were later granted bail.

Based on this there has been calls for the Regional Commander to be transfered for disrespecting The Waala Traditional Authorities, the fact of the matter is that before a chief can call for the transfer of a regional commander, that chief should be the president of the regional house of chiefs speaking on behalf of other chiefs, secondly, there has to be a meeting involving other chiefs for a mutual understanding and petition to the Interior Minister, the Regional Commander serves 11 Districts and it will take at least 6 Districts to demand for his transfer. This means that the Waala Traditional Area can only demand for the Removal of the Wa Municipal Police Commander or Chairman of the Municipal Coordinating Council and Not the Regional Police Commander.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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