Chief Chikah Has Welcomed the decision to search Igbos with Police Escort


The Leader of Igbo Community in Wa and other Districts within the Region, Chief Chikah Francis Okoye has urged Residents of the Town to be calm on Igbos indicating that they are innocent of the accusations labelled against them.

In an interview with Upperwestmedia Team, Chief Chikah narrated that he has no problem with Civilians searching his house or shop but added that it should be done peacefully and with Security officers who can write a report afterwards, he pointed at instances where some of his brothers and sisters were attacked in their shops even without proper search to vindicate them.

“I have no problem.with searching my house, people have accused me of keeping human parts falsely, they can search me, I have nothing with me, only God can see through my heart, they should go to any of my brothers and search but I’ll suggest they go with the police to also bear witness, non of us is Resisting a search”.

Several Security Men have been killed in the Wa Municipality, two cases of abduction recorded in September and one attack in security men alone.

The Deputy Commander of Police DCOP Prince Waahu had urged Residents to Organize Watchdogs at Wa Technical Institute when he went to assess the crime scene.


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