Nagilaa Ma Mui Joint. Photo by Google

Food is one important thing human need constantly to be able to carryout their daily activities. In Wa, some food joints have sacrificed enough to be Able to remain in business and to serve us better. They need commendation from us and more patronage.

These are some of the oldest food joints that have been able to withstand the shocks of all weather in Wa.

Firstly, Harbor: Harbor Simbie started almost 20 years ago selling Bambara Beans Popularly known as Simbie, she added rice along the line and Harbor has become one of the competitive food joints in Wa with affordable prices. Harbor is located on the Dankpalihi Street close to Nuriya Islamic School. You can get them from 1pm to 7pm.

Halitu’s Tea Joint(2017). Photo by Google

Secondly, Nagilaa Ma Mui: Nagilaa Ma Mui is located at T-Junction close to the Meteorological Agency of Wa. She has been active for over 15 years selling plain rice and Jollof with some lean meat and Salad. She started in the year 2000.

Thirdly, Unkri is a Waakye Joint on the Wa Poly Street, few meters away from Patrosol fuel station on the main ‘Wa poly’ road. She starts Selling in the morning from 8am to 2pm.

Fourthly, Soldier Bar: Soldier Bar sold Fufu and lots of Bush meat for over a decade, located Opposite Multi Credit in Zongo Lane, it’s next joint is called Mummy’s Kitchen on the Hospital Ring Road.

Lastly, Halitu Tea Joint: Halitu Tea Joint is Located on the Wa Insurance Road, he sells Tom Brown, Rice Water, Wheat, Eggs, Tea with Bread and Porridge. He has been the Favorite of the Youths. Halitu operates from 7pm to 2am.

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