Assembly Member for Kpaguri, Hon. Osman Nurideen

Assembly Member for Kpaguri Electoral Area,  Hon. Osman Nurideen has explained why a Brothel in Kpaguri was set Ablaze 4 years ago.

He stated that the community is an ethical one and sees prostitution as wrong and a type of industry that seeks to destroy the ambitious and proper modelling of the youth in his area.


On the 17th December 2017,  A  brothel in Kpaguri was set ablaze by some irate youth within Kpaguri.

The angry residents, wielding all kinds of sharp objects, stormed a house in the area, chased out all 12 female occupants and set several rooms on fire.

The swift intervention by the police prevented a massacre. Six of the victims who were
seriously injured in the attack were sent to the Upper West Regional Hospital by the police are currently responding to treatment.
According to Atinka FM’s Upper West Regional correspondent, Ahmed Saanyuo, the residents launched the attack after all attempts to persuade the landlord, Mr Being Wangy, to eject the ladies failed.

According to him, the landlord even failed to appear before the Overlord of WA, Naa Fusieni Pelpuo IV, when he was summoned and that the residents had no option than to forcibly eject the alleged prostitutes. The police have commenced investigation into the case after a report was lodged by the landlord.

Assembly Man’s Explanation

“In April 2020,  this issue of a brothel getting burnt nearly resurfaced,  we detest it as an electoral area and we kept measures in place,  we reported to the Assembly,  the Police and the Wa Naa’s Palace before the place was set on fire,  in April 2020,  a Guest House by Name Odo Guest house was a hot spot for Nigerian strumpets numbering over 20,  the Issue of the Lock down in 2020 Was the reason they parked  from Maxixco to Odo Guest house,  we went to Odo and Informed the Manager of our Displeasure,  he sided with us and evicted the prostitutes from the area,  they were later evacuated to Nakore electoral area,  I went to the Assembly Member for Nakore together with the Covid-19 Team to Kambali and it was Revealed by K. solo that there were some prostitutes hiding in Nakore,  they promised to leave for Nigeria after the lockdown,  few weeks later I was told some prostitutes returned to the area and there were attempts to take me on for kicking against the idea of their settlement,  I was reported to the police for threatening hotel owners…”

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