Assembly Member for Dandafuro Electoral Area, Mr. Soori-Nye Francis

The Assembly for Dignafuro Electoral Area in the Wa Municipality, Mr Francis Soriye, says he is distressed about an uncompleted rural electrification project in Tampieni which he feels is a deceit to the people of the community.

According to him, the project started in 2012 but still has not been completed to supply electricity to the people.

In an interview with Info Radio, the Assembly Member said the community members provided labour to erect the high-tension poles in order to connect the power but the high-tension wires did not reach the whole place and the contractor left the project to a standstill.

He added that some of the poles are already burnt and the wires hugging around.

Mr Soriye indicated that he has been reminding and lobbying the Municipal Assembly to resume the project but has yet to receive a positive outcome.

He disclosed that sixty per cent of the project has been done while calling on the Wa Municipal Assembly to rise up and take action.

Source: Info Radio

By Upper West Media

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